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Premium Bard HVAC Products

Equipment Shelters & Telecom

Reliable, durable and efficient. That’s our design mantra for Telecom cooling units. It all comes  together with BARD’s unique Full-Flow™ Economizer, which can provide free cooling  operation for over 50%  of the run-time. Bard continually develops innovative new products specifically designed for demanding telecommunications applications.


The nature of the modular industry requires buildings to be assembled and shipped to locations quickly and reliably. Our units provide HVAC for modular buildings with sealed refrigerant  systems designed with modular industry requirements in mind and proven to withstand extensive  over-the-road travel.

With Bard, you can have consistent ventilation and improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in a  single packaged unit. No separate refrigeration lines are required, so you can install equipment before transporting.


School buildings face a variety of challenges, that can lead to poor indoor air quality and uncomfortable conditions. Little or no ventilation, poor temperature and humidity control and frequently changing schedules make it difficult to provide classrooms with conditions conducive  to learning. Also, many central HVAC systems take up expensive square footage, are complicated to control and share air with multiple classrooms throughout the building. 

Bard systems include highly efficient ECM indoor blower motors, and most applications can  accept MERV 13 filters, recommended for added filtration of virus sized particles.

With Bard, students (and staff) can breathe easily. We pioneered the concept of providing a  single, separate comfort system serving individual classrooms by providing each space with the independent climate control it requires. Our indoor or outdoor comfort systems offer significant energy savings with patented ventilation packages and quiet operation, making the classroom a  safe and comfortable space for learning.