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Our Story

Blue Hive? One would see the company name and think there has to be a story behind that, and you’d be right.

In the 1940’s, my great-great grandmother, Edith Brown, was one of many wives and mothers in the U.S. midwest looking for ways to bring in a little extra money. Having grown up on a farm where they always had bees for honey, she tried her hand at it and had so much excess she decided to see if the local grocery store would be interested in buying it. Edith had a love of color and painted her bee boxes bright  shades, she noticed the blue boxes  always had more honey so she painted  them all blue and called them her “Blue Hives”.

Her two sons, John and William helped out with the hives and honey deliveries to the grocery store, and both ended up eventually working there. John had a mechanical knack and became interested in refrigeration, William had a knack for numbers and bookkeeping – they joined forces and turned the combination into a small refrigeration repair business. Neither had a knack for beekeeping, but the phrase “Blue Hive” became a family expression for success. 

I was raised in the family refrigeration business, helmed by my father Jack and his cousins. When they passed, the company was also laid to rest.

There’s a quote “When one door closes, another opens.” After I left Florida to follow my Canadian wife to Southern Alberta – I decided to open my own door and start my business. In honor of my family, I named it Blue Hive.

Grant & Amanda Brown